SA is now Ninja Cats on DayZ Standalone
Ninja Cats

Leader - Buddha
SIC - Alice
PvP Coordinator - Wrath
Recruiting Coordinator - N/A
GWH Coordinator - N/A
GRB Coordinator - N/A
Boss Raid Coordinator - N/A


In memory of Jason aka DemonSpawned
May you Rest In Peace 



Original Guild [OG] Members
DemonSpawned – Founding Guild Leader*
Tsura – OS Branch Founding Officer
Buddha – OS Branch Founding Officer/Current GL 4 Years*
Kadaj – Founding Member 3 Years
DeathTown – OS Branch Founding Officer 3 Years*
Puck – Founding Member 3 Years
Angel – Founding Member 2 Years
Vet – Founding Member 2 Years
Sheogorath – 18+ Months of Service
Crimson – 18+ Months of Service
Daisy – 18+ Months of Service
Mordred – OS Branch Founding Member
Hellrot - OS Branch Member
Alice - Officer
Frostbite - Member

*names in Italics are no longer with the guild*
*names underlined are members of the original guild*